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When you become a member of EAPL you will join a community of scientists and practitioners with a passion for psychology and law.  EAPL encourages both European and international memberships because diversity is highly valued by our association.  Currently, EAPL has members from more than 22 different countries, and a steady growth in this international representation is anticipated.


To join the EAPL, you will have to register.

This process is currently unavailable due to migration of the site.

Please return to www.eapl.eu in a few weeks.

We will relaunch the membership and payment options till the end of 2018.

Types of membership

Full member

  • Full Members of EAPL will enjoy the benefits of reduced conference fees, and reduced EAPL book prices. Full membership requires a university degree or extended professional experience acquired in at least one position of responsibility in the field of psychology and law. Without these qualifications, only affiliate membership is possible.
  • The annual fee for full membership is EUR 35.

Student or Affiliate members

Student or Affiliate Choice A

  • Student/Affiliate choice A members enjoy all the same benefits as full members, including reduced conference fees. In addition, student/affiliate members can take advantage of EAPL student society events and awards.
  • The annual fee for student/affiliate choice A membership is EUR 20.


Still have questions?

All queries about EAPL membership should be directed to the Treasurer/Membership Officer, Dr Michelle Mattison. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Michelle Mattison