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General Information

Detailed information about this conference is available under the official 2014 EAPL conference website. We look forward to soon inviting you to submit your abstract submissions for papers and/or posters.

The deadline for abstracts is February 1st, 2014. All abstracts must be submitted via the website.

Also note that if you would like to pay fees for the conference registration AFTER a decision has been made regarding your abstract acceptance, or are having trouble with the submission portal, you can send your abstract directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Access the preliminary program pdf here. For more conference details go to our "Conferences" tab.

Visas: If you do not have a Russian passport it is likely that you will need a Visa to visit Russia. Visa cost will depend on country of origin, but is typically approximately €150. For information on obtaining your visa, visit this interactive website for more information: https://www.visitrussia.org.uk/visa/ Note that student visas (Bachelor, Masters, and PhD) will be fully reimbursed.


There will be five keynote speakers at the 2014 EAPL conference. Read more about our highly acclaimed keynote speakers here.

Dr. Jessica Woodhams

Dr. Jessica Woodhams is a Forensic Psychologist and a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology. She began her career as a crime analyst for the Metropolitan Police where she specialized in the analysis of stranger sex offences.

Prof. David Cooke

For over twenty years David Cooke was the head of the forensic clinical psychology service in Glasgow, Scotland. He now holds university positions in Glasgow and Bergen. He has an experience in the treatment and management of offenders in the community and within prisons and other secure environments.

Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl Thomas is an attorney and Director of the Women's Human Rights Program, a program she founded at The Advocates for Human Rights. Since 1994, Dr. Thomas worked with partners internationally to promote women’s human rights.

Prof. Aldert Vrij

Aldert Vrij is a Professor of Applied Social Psychology at the University of Portsmouth (UK). His main research interests are (i) nonverbal and verbal correlates of deception and (ii) people’s ability to detect deceit. His research has a strongly applied quality, and he works closely with practitioners (police, security services and insurers).

Dr. Alla Shaboltas

Since 1988, Dr. Shaboltas has served as faculty member at the Department of Psychology at St. Petersburg State University. Dr.Shaboltas served as Co-director of Crysis Psychological Centre which was established to help women suffering from different forms of violence.


Access the preliminary program pdf here.

24 June, 2014
10:00–13:00: Registration
13:30–14:00: Conference Opening Ceremony
14:00–15:00: Keynote 1
15:00–15:15: Coffee break
15:15–16:15: Keynote 2
16:30–18:00: Symposium
18:30–20:00: Evening Welcome Reception

25 June
10:00–11:00: Keynote 3
11:00–11:15: Coffee break
11:15–13:15: Kochenovsky Symposium
13:15–14:00: Lunch and Poster Viewing 1
14:00–15:30: Symposium
15:30–15:45: Coffee break
15:45–17:15: Symposium/Wagenaar Symposium
17:15–17:45: EAPL Members meeting
Evening Entertainment

26 June
10:00–11:00: Keynote 4
11:15–11:30: Coffee break
11:30–12:30: Keynote 5
12:45–14:15: Symposium
14:15–15:00: Lunch and Poster Viewing 2
15:00–16:30: Symposium
16:30–16:45: Coffee break
16:45–18:15: Symposium
19:30: Conference Dinner

27 June
10:00–11:30: Symposium
11:30–11:45: Coffee break
11:45–13:15: Symposium
13:15–13:30: Coffee break
13:30–15:00: Symposium
15:00–15:30: Conference Closing Ceremony


There are no workshops scheduled to take place at this conference.


The EAPL is also pleased to announce the second annual Wagenaar Symposium. The aim of this symposium is to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of EAPL by drawing together research that spans the legal (detection, trial) and psychological (support, intervention) aspects of a particular crime-type. Participants in this symposium will be by invitation only, and the symposium will feature a discussant in order to draw out the salient issues from the portfolio of research presented.

Students and Early Career

The EAPL hopes to call attention to high-quality student research (undergraduate, masters, and doctoral) and facilitate student involvement in the field. In line with this, the EAPL will host a number of events intended for student and early career members at the 2014 conference. There are also a number of student awards available for this conference, including three "best paper” awards for which students need to enter their submissions before the conference (each worth 150 euro), and three poster awards that will be determined during the conference (worth 200, 150, and 100 euro respectively). Undergraduate, masters, and PhD level members are eligible for this funding. For more information on student involvement at the 2014 conference visit www.eaplstudent.com.

For information on applying for student awards click here.

*There will be an additional EAPL initiative for students traveling to the 2014 conference in Russia to reimburse student visas. For students to claim back a refund for their visa they should bring the following to the conference to present to the EAPL membership officer: student ID, their visa, a copy of a receipt for purchase of visa, their bank account details (IBAN and BIC number).

We look forward to seeing you in Russia.

Submit your Abstract

The deadline for abstract submission is February 1st, 2014

For abstract submission you should be registered for the Conference using on-line registration, and you must register for the conference before you can submit your abstract.

Abstracts should be prepared using Times New Roman 12 font and should be composed with a maximum of 400 words and be submitted in English (in English and Russian for participants from Russia and CIS). All abstracts must be submitted via the website. All submissions should be related to the conference theme and satisfy a high level of scientific research. After the online abstract submission procedure has been completed you will receive an e-mail informing you that your abstract is in our database. If you don't receive this e-mail letter, you did not submit your abstract successfully.

Lifetime achievement award

One way the EAPL acknowledges academic excellence is by bestowing the EAPL lifetime achievement award upon academics who have demonstrated particular excellence, impact, and involvement in the field of psychology and law.

Previous award winners have been:

1.  Hans Crombag 1988

2.  Friedrich Losel 2001

3.  Ray Bull 2008

4.  David Farrington 2009

5.  Willem Waagenar 2010

6.  Ron Roesch 2011

7.  Gisli Gudjonsson 2012

8.  Günter Köhnken, 2013


Student Conference Initiatives

Our very active student section hosts a series of academic and social events at each EAPL conference, and presents poster awards and travel awards.

Find out more about the student section conference awards here.

Future EAPL Conferences

We will be pleased to invite you to join us in Russia in 2014.

Previous Conferences

  • 1988 - Maastricht, The Netherlands

  • 1990 - Nuremberg, Germany

  • 1992 - Oxford, England

  • 1994 - Barcelona, Spain

  • 1995 - Budapest, Hungary

  • 1996 - Siena, Italy

  • 1997 - Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1998 - Krakow, Poland

  • 1999 - Dublin, Ireland

  • 2000 - Limassol, Cyprus

  • 2001 - Lisbon, Portugal

  • 2002 - Leuven, Belgium

  • 2003 - Edinburgh, Scotland

  • 2004 - Kraków, Poland

  • 2005 - Vilnius, Lithuania

  • 2006 - Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • 2007 - Adelaide, Australia

  • 2008 - Maastricht, The Netherlands

  • 2009 - Sorrento, Italy

  • 2010 - Gothenburg, Sweden

  • 2011 - Miami, USA

  • 2012 - Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2013 - Coventry, UK

Conference Views

Cyprus 2012

EAPL 2012 conference sign between two palm trees.


Andreas Kapardis (EAPL 2012 local conference organizer) with international guests.


Julia Shaw (website officer), David Cooke (past president), Ray Bull (president-elect), Annelies Vredeveldt (VP EAPL student society).


David Cooke giving the EAPL 2012 presidential welcome.


Ray Bull with conference presenters at the EAPL 2012 conference dinner.


Miami 2011

David Cooke (EAPL president) with members of the EAPL student section.

Gothenburg 2010

Andreas Kapardis, Caroline Logan, Mette Kreis, David Cooke, and Ian Freckleton

Sorrento 2009

Local Organising Committee



Conference book series

Major results of the EAPL conferences have been published in a book series. The following volumes are available:

  • van Koppen, P.J. & Hessing, D.J. (Eds.) (1988). Lawyers on psychology and psychologists onlaw. Amsterdam: Swets & Zeitlinger.
  • Lösel, F., Bender, D., & Bliesener, T. (Eds.) (1992). Psychology and Law. InternationalPerspectives. Berlin: de Gruyter.
  • Davies, G., Lloyd-Bostock, S., McMurran, M., & Wilson, C. (Eds.) (1995). Psychology, Law, and Criminal Justice. International Developments in Research and Practice. Berlin: de Gruyter.
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  • Czerederecka, A., Jaskiewicz-Obydzinska, T. & Wójcikiewicz, J. (Eds.) (2000). Forensic Psychology and Law. Traditional Questions and New Ideas . Kraków: Institute of Forensic Research Publishers.
  • Farrington, D., Hollin, C. & McMurran, M.(Eds.) (2001) Sex and Violence. The Psychology of Crime and Risk Assessment. Reading: Harwood Academic Publisher.
  • Roesch, R., Corrado, R. & Dampster, R. (Eds.) (2001). Psychology in the Courts. International Advances in Knowledges. Reading: Harwood Academic Publisher.
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  • van Koppen, P.J. & Penrod, S.D. (Eds.) (2003). Adversarial versus inquisitorial justice: Psychological perspectives on criminal justice systems. New York: Plenum.
  • Canter, D. & Žukauskien, R. (Eds.) (2008). Psychology and Law: Bridging the Gap. Ashgate: London.